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Tarantas –  Vintage Spanish White 
Winemakers:       Med-Wines, SL
Appellation:         Alicante, Southeast Spain
Varietals:             Vintage Macabeo 50%, Airén 50%

Production Area: The vineyard is situated 600 – 700 meters above sea level. The production area includes mainly lime soils which are ideal for obtaining aromatic wines. The land where our grapes are cultivated is situated in a privileged area of the world where there is a warm, dry climate with appropriate natural conditions for growing and producing the finest Spanish Organic white wine.

Yield per Vine & Hectare: 25 hl/ha

Training system: Double cord (doble cordón) - traditional old vine (víña en vaso). This system enhances the airing of the vines, avoids the emergence of cliptogamic diseases. Also, a shading cover of the vegetation avoids the direct impact of the sun on the vines. 

Hectares of Production:  40 hectares of organic Macabeo, Airén

Vinification: Grapes are soaked for 10 hours at a low temperature (10 ºC) for better extraction of aromas. After that the juice “flor” is “bled” and rested in stainless steel tanks with controlled fermentation. Fermentation takes 20 days at a temperature that ranges between 12 and 14 ºC. 

Analytical Data: 12.2%

Ageing: Young wine

Tasting Notes: Nose of medium intensity with aromas of apple, banana and citrus fruits. On the palate acidity sparkles the mouth leaving it refreshed with a clean fruity finish.

Color: Pale color with greenish fleshes.  Very bright and clean.

Conservation Time:  1 -2 years

Notes / Certifications / Awards:
Wine made from USDA National Organic Program Certified Grapes. Certified by ECOCERT – Spain.