Winemaker : Celliers du Languedoc V. D.
Appellation : VDP Oc
Varietals : French caladoc, grenache, and cabernet

Production area : The vineyard is located in the south of France close to the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a depth, fresh and silty soil ideal for fresh and aromatic wine.

Yield per Hectare : The average is 60 hectolitres per hectares

Hectares of Production : 100 hectares

Vinification : Protection of the grape from the oxydation during the transport from the vine to the cellar. Bled rosé and low temperature for the alcoholic fermentation to obtain fresh and very aromatic wine.

Analytical Data : 12 % alc./vol.

Tasting notes : Nice salmon colour with bright lights. Intense aromas of fresh fruit, Good attack and nice acidity. Mouth of the red fruits and raspberry. Refreshing and very pleasant.

Conservation time : 2008

Notes : Wine made from USDA National Program Certified grapes by ECOCERT.
An independent laboratory to prove the organic production origin does residual analysis of pesticide of the wine.

Wine suitable for vegan and vegetarian, without any GMO.