Merlot Chardonnay SauvignonNATURAL PASSION
Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon

Winemaker : Celliers du Languedoc  V. D.
Appellation : VDP Oc
Varietals : 50% Merlot, 50% Cabernet Sauvignon

Production area : Grapes come from two parts of Languedoc, Gard and Hérault. The first vineyard produces supple and fruity red wine in depth and fresh Rhône and silty soil.  The second vineyard includes chalky-clayey soil. Vine with surround of garrigue.

Yield per Hectare : The average is 50 hectolitres per hectares

Training System : High trellising to offer large leaf surface (< 1metre square/ 1 Kg of grape). The observation of the vine and the soil labor is very important to prevent any problems of contaminations. We use de-earthing machine to limit the competition of weeds.

Hectares of Production : 100 hectares

Vinification : Grapes are completely destemed. Traditional vinification with a regular temperature controlled racking at the start of the fermentation. Temperature is increased at the end of fermentation for better colour extraction. Optimum storage time in tanks to daily tasting.

Analytical Data : 13 % alc./vol.

Tasting notes : Colour ruby bright and clear. Intense nose of red fruits with some toasted notes.  Good attack with a concentration on the middle palate and silky tannins. A supple wine with lovely aromatic complexity.

Conservation time : 2009

Notes : Wine made from USDA National Program Certified grapes by ECOCERT.
An independent laboratory to prove the organic production origin does residual analysis of pesticide of the wine.

Wine suitable for vegan and vegetarian. Without any GMO