Biokult Ancient Grains Biodynamic BeerBiokult Ancient Grains Biodynamic Beer

Producer: Biokult - Weingut Michlits
Appellation: Burgenland, Austria

Varietal(s): Ancient Grains (barley, spelt, wild einkorn-wheat, wild emmer-wheat), ancient hops from the Hansbergland/ Mühlviertel

Analytical Data: 11,9 % original wort, 4,7 vol% Alc.,

Production: the vary rare and in addition organic- biodynamically grown ancient grains - barley, spelt, wild einkorn and wild emmer wheat - were used to produce this beer. Hardly known in today’s brewing community they not only have much higher natural protein content but contain much higher amounts of amino acids and mineral nutrients than conventional beer and are rated among the best grains for brewing.

The hops are also biodynamically grown and come from the Hansbergland from the region Mühlviertel which are very old, highly aromatic varieties. The beer is brewed in Salzburgs Brauhaus Gusswerk under the supervision of Mr. Barta one of Austrias very few beer sommeliers. Gusswerk and Michlits employed only top-fermented yeasts and natural mountain spring water. Non filtered and non refined.

Ageing: Aged and ripened for about 1 month prior to bottling to guarantee a natural stabilization process

Tasting Notes: the head is very regular, consistent and evenly pored

Color: a dark amber-golden, due to non-filtration slightly hazy

fine herbaceous aromas, dry and mild, slightly malty, distinctly caramel taste, zesty, nutty, red berries and fruits, tangy

Conservation Time: quick consumption, after bottling 10 month best before

4pk Biokult Beer

Certifications: NOP (Certificate: National Organic Product)

Drinking temperature: 8-10 °C

Notes: certainly a beer that could go well to all kinds of dark meat and very opulent dishes, full bodied and intense