Fattoria di Romignano

Fattoria di Romignano is located in the heart of Tuscany, 30 km south of Florence. The soil is mostly clay mixed with sand, on a hillside with southern exposure. The climate is dry and sunny with cold nights and warm days during the harvest. As a result, there is a good accumulation of sugar and tannic components on the grapes, making for a full and flavour-rich Chianti.

In the last century, Barone Ricasoli studied production methods for Chianti. He chose this area for the vineyard because he thought it to be premium Tuscan land.

Domaine GioulisDomaine GioulisDomaine Gioulis

The Rossi family have been winemakers since the early part of 1900s when they purchased the Fattoria di Romignano. At that time the vineyards were mixed. The vines were scattered among trees, such as olive, and wheat and beans were cultivated between the rows of grape vines

The wine then was very different from that of today. It was sweet and strong and rarely good. The farmers not engaged in the improvement of the wine, and nature’s ability to produce outstanding grapes in the area was wasted.

Domaine GioulisDomaine GioulisDomaine Gioulis

But many things have changed over the years. The idea of dedicated vineyards replaced the confused mixture of vines, olive trees, wheat and beans. Today, technical know-how is more important than improvisation. The whole process, from pruning to bottling is done at the farm and followed by an Agronomist and Oenologist.

The oldest vineyard is more than 25 years old with a tree density of 3000 vines per ha with a production around 4 kg per vine. The younger vineyard, 6 years old, has 5000 vines per ha with a production of 2 kg per vine.